issue trapping

TRAB is the on-site feedback tool which collects information with ease. Just point, click and write.

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straight to the point feedback

Just a click away

Oh no! You just spotted an issue on your site or application! No worries. The TRAB tab is at hand. Just click on the tab and you’re ready to leave feedback.

Show the point of interest

A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why TRAB has made it possible for you to simply point with your cursor at the place of interest. A flag indicating the problem area is included in the screenshot, as well as on the page itself.

Give feedback

With one simple comment box, it’s quick and easy for everyone to stay focused and on point. No unnecessary clutter or steps! Just click, point, write, and you’re done.

Collect feedback

With a simple click-and-connect widget, you select your favorite issue tracker in which you want the information to appear. TRAB collects the feedback, wraps it all up in a nice package and sends it there.

  • Bitbucket Issues
  • Github Issues
  • Trello Boards
  • More to come...

These people already love trab

Trapping issues with Trab is so easy. Our developers see precisely what I mean and exactly know what's wrong, without techspeak from my end!

Diederik van Huijstee

We use Trab on all our projects. Communicating with our clients about features is never an issue anymore. It's crystal clear what's to be done.

Wouter Kos

Using Trab on our start-up, resulted in a better user experience for me and the users. Placing wishes onsite is the perfect way to take control!

Ivo Verbeek

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Get on the same page as your clients.
Collect issues with ease on-site.

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