How to use TRAB in the best way possible

How do I use TRAB?

We've tried to make sure TRAB is as easy to use as possible. After setting up your project, all you have to do is drop a script-tag into your HTML page - doesn't matter where - and you're all set. TRAB does the rest.

Will TRAB make my page slow?

Absolutely not! The TRAB script is loaded asynchronously and we've made sure to make it as small as possible. It loads really fast: in local tests the (currently) 5.9KB script loads in about half a second!

What's this about an API?

We're building TRAB to ensure full customizability. If you don't like the look or feel of TRAB, or you want to activate it differently you'll be able to do so. While we're not entirely done with the API yet, we'll be releasing some documentation as soon as possible!

How does TRAB ensure the secure handling of issues?

We use several ways to make sure every process of installing and using TRAB is as secure as possible. We use HTTPS every step of the way, to make sure every last bit of data is encrypted and secured from your machine to our servers. Your account data is stored securely and we keep your passwords encrypted. We don't store any payment data ourselves, but instead use Stripe's highly secure servers.

On the script side, we only allow issue submissions from allowed domains, using your browser's built-in CORS rules and a list of allowed domains you submit. Only users who are logged in on TRAB and have access to your TRAB project can submit tickets on your website, so that no anonymous users can clutter your issue tracker with vague complaints.

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These people already love trab

Trapping issues with Trab is so easy. Our developers see precisely what I mean and exactly know what's wrong, without techspeak from my end!

Diederik van Huijstee

We use Trab on all our projects. Communicating with our clients about features is never an issue anymore. It's crystal clear what's to be done.

Wouter Kos

Using Trab on our start-up, resulted in a better user experience for me and the users. Placing wishes onsite is the perfect way to take control!

Ivo Verbeek

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