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TRAB Features

Feedback with context

Each issue is displayed directly on the page where you highlighted it. This includes comments, screenshots and technical details.

Better than Email

Drop a blue dot on a website and add a comment. That's it!


The state of the app is most important. Send all kind of variables with the issue and you know in which state the issue was.

User management

Easy role management for users of every project in TRAB. Simply add the new user and choose a label you prefer.


No more multipe places where your tickets live. We send the issue to the place they belong.


We respect your privacy. For every project we use 256-bit SSL encryption and keep your data secure in the cloud.

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These people already love trab

Trapping issues with Trab is so easy. Our developers see precisely what I mean and exactly know what's wrong, without techspeak from my end!

Diederik van Huijstee

We use Trab on all our projects. Communicating with our clients about features is never an issue anymore. It's crystal clear what's to be done.

Wouter Kos

Using Trab on our start-up, resulted in a better user experience for me and the users. Placing wishes onsite is the perfect way to take control!

Ivo Verbeek

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Get on the same page as your clients.
Collect issues with ease onsite.

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